building something from nothing

Recently started a business consulting start-up that is to help small and medium enterprises save time and money, by creating solutions to automate business processes, manual tasks and outsource Information Technology (IT) functions especially using cloud solutions.

Figured the best approach was to start as a Google Apps Authorized Reseller to get clients for Google Apps for Business and Education, then build ontop the platform, providing automated solutions using Google Apps Script for example. Basically building a professional services relationship once we migrate or sign up clients onto Google Apps.

But our overarching goal is much bigger than this. We believe information services should be the back bone of any business. Providing real time decision making capability for business thinkers: using analysis, data and cloud computing to enable business owners take proactive steps as to what affects their customers.

We provide guidance in the information economy to assist businesses in uncharted waters: businesses undergoing organizational changes whether in business process, customer wants/needs, structure, or any areas where Information Services would play a key role, especially where IT is not valued currently or previously as a strategic business resource.

Right now, the most important challenge we face is, how do we attract clients and projects? We are looking for sectors and industries that already have this need, where a lot of businesses are going cloud, mobile and social and are seeking innovative solutions. What areas are lacking the most to fill this void? What are the pain points for these types of businesses? Where can we assist with automated solutions and reducing costs/time?

Sincerely, Bon